How to submit documents

IMPORTANT: for visas and other consular service a preliminary appointment is required (by phone +43 (1) 419 96 3038, +43 (1) 419 96 3021).

Applications for registration and exchange of passports of the Republic of Belarus to persons over 14 years of age, renunciation of citizenship, notarial actions (registration of powers of attorney and consents), and issuance of certificates for return to the Republic of Belarus to adults are carried out in person.

By post are allowed applications for registration of permanent residence outside the Republic of Belarus, inquiry of documents and apostille.

The documents must be sent in strict accordance with the lists and requirements, including the necessary original documents, proof of payment of the consular fee to the Embassy's account, detailed contact information (mobile phone number, email address).

The Embassy does not provide postal delivery of passports, visas and reentry certificates, the applicant provide the delivery of these documents by themselves. By post the Embassy delivers certificates and other less valuable documents.

IMPORTANT!!! Procedure for sending documents by post

When making a decision to send documents to the Embassy by post, as well as to receive them back by post, the applicant automatically agrees to the following:

1. Postal delivery is carried out taking into account all possible risks associated with the work of the postal services of Austria and Slovenia.

2. The Embassy is not responsible for the postal services and the timeliness of receipt and return delivery of postal items. If you have any questions, you should contact the relevant postal services directly without Embassy’s engagement.

3. Processing of requests sent by mail begins only after the receipt of a complete set of necessary documents.

4. Requests that do not meet the requirements are returned to the applicant without consideration.

5. To ensure that the documents are sent back to Austria, the applicant attaches an envelope with the return address and stamps, in accordance with the rates of the Austrian Post (the price depends on the size and weight of the shipment, category: registered/regular).

6. A separate sheet of paper with the following information must be attached to the set of documents:

 — the applicant's mobile phone number and email address;

 — postal address for the return receipt of documents, written in clear block letters/numbers.

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